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East Africa Is Splitting Into Two And Not A Politician Insight.

The newly forming crack in the East African Rift.


There is a sudden crack  of the earth in  Southern Kenya which lead to  the crumbling of  The Nairobi-Narok roadway  and was joined by minor seismic activity,

The East African Rift Valley is over 3 thousand kilometres stretching from the gulf of Aden towards Zimbabwe. It is actually splitting the African plate into two, Nubian and Somali.

Precisely what systems are behind this development is still not clear, however it is probably going to incorporate convection streams inside the asthenosphere and the powers created at the limits between plates. When the lithosphere is at a horizontal point it expands  and thins, which in turn causes the earth to crack, leading to  the  development of further rift valleys. Fractures are the underlying phase of a mainland separation and, if fruitful, can prompt the arrangement of another ocean bowl. This can be seen in the split between South America and Africa, which when placed side by side, fit each other like a glove.

Volcanic area south to the Lake Turkana, also known as Lake Rudolf, Rift Valley, Northwestern Kenya. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

The East African rift  is one of a kind in that it enables geologists etc, to watch distinctive phases of cracking along its length. Toward the south, where the break is rather new,  augmentation rates are low. Towards  the north it is an entirely different story. There is evidence of volcanic  rock which means the lithosphere is so thin it’s about to break which will form a new ocean, which in turn, over a very long, long time, will cause the spreading of the sea floor.

This event is being closely monitored. It’s quite ironic really, Africa is gradually being divided and it has nothing to do with politics whatsoever.



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