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Easter Day For The Orthodox Christians.

Easter really does come twice as today is Easter for the Orthodox Christians around the world. Ethiopia is one such country with a very large following.

Christian World Leader Call For Peace Prayers For UK
Priests Officiating The Easter Mass.

This year the message has been about peace. Due the unrest of the country, the Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Abune Mathias, among other leaders has pleaded for the citizens to remain calm and support the governments efforts to reform the country.

Ethiopian Orthodox Christians

Other church leaders also prayed for the UK as the total death toll reached 51 and those that have been injured to over 20. The current killings this year has been higher than New York City. Orthodox Christians do not follow the Gregorian Callander, like most Christians but the Eastern Orthodox Calander, on which Christmas, New year and Easter are often celebrated on different days.


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