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Buhari Is In For 2019.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari will run for second term in office, one year from now, his office have said. It puts long term speculation to bed as many wondered if one, he would run and two, if he was fit enough to run . He will be running under the All Progressives Congress Party(APC).

Buhari Declares Intent To Run in 2019

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, in an open letter to the President, advised him against running a second term based on his ill health and age. The 74-year-old President has been plagued with unknown illnesses since he came to power in 2015, making history as the first opposition leader to defeat a seating President. He had a 90 day stay in the UK and eventually left after a protest by some concerned citizens. On his arrival back to Nigeria,  Mr Buhari offered no explanation as to why he had been away for so long and what had been wrong, his only comment was, “I have never been so wiped out”

Protests In UK Sent Buhari Home.

Now that his intention to be re-elected has been made clear, the whispers in Congress are mainly about his lack of interest in the corruption levels of the country and his so called witch hunts to collect all the ill gotten money.
As far as most citizens are concerned, Mr President has let them down. There is total unrest and deprivation in the country.
The announcement came as President Buhari is expected to meet withBritish Prime Minister, Teresa May, on an official visit to the UK next week.

Buhari To Meet May Next Week.

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