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Another Algerian Military Plane Crash. 200+ Dead?

At least 257 people have reportedly died when an Algerian Military Plane crashed just after takeoff near the Capital Algeriers. An investigation into what caused the crash is under way. The Soviet-designed military transport plane crashed into a deserted field.

Emergency Crew On Site Of Plane Crash

The flight which  had just taken off from Boufarik, for a military base in Bechar, Southwest Algeria, was scheduled to make a stop in Tindouf in Southern Algeria, home to many refugees from


the Western Sahara, a disputed territory bordered  with Morocco.

This is not the first aviation disaster that Algeria have suffered. In December 2012, 2 military planes collided during a training exercise, killing both pilots. In February 2014, another military plane crashed  with only one survivor out of the 77 persons aboard, consisting of military personnel and their families.

Only One Person Survived 2014 Crash





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