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Buhari – We Have Insulated Recovered Funds, Assets From Looters – Aina Lawanson

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday assured Nigerians that his administration would not waiver in its fight against corruption and ensuring sanity in public affairs.

Buhari gave the assurance while addressing a mammoth crowd of supporters at the flag off of his re-election campaign in Kaduna.

“We have taken measures to ensure that recovered funds and assets are not handed back to those who looted the treasury as was done after my detention when my administration was toppled in the 80s.

” What we are doing is to ensure that all recovered assets are sold off and the proceeds lodged into the Single Treasury Account. That way, no one will have the opportunity to appropriate such assets.’

The President assured that the government would not be cowed to abandon the corruption war.

“The anti-corruption fight is difficult in the current democratic dispensation, but we will continue to work carefully and steadily until we insulate public funds from looters.”

He said that the administration has recorded tremendous success in the war against insurgency, restiveness in the Niger Delta and other crimes and would not rest until peace is restored to all parts of the country.

“I have nothing to say than to remind you of the situation we met this country and the promises we made to you.

“So the best we can do for our country is to return the APC to power.

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