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Brain,Brawn and Beauty. Hajia Abdulrahman.

That’s the only way one can describe Hajia Musleemah Nike Hassatu Abdulrahman, the ANP Senatorial candidate for Abuja. She is very formal in an informal way. Relaxed and makes you feel like you are chatting to a long lost friend. Hajia spoke candidly and exclusively to Africaneye http://www.Africaneye.co.ukabout her ambitions and why she is the woman for the role.

Hajia in Her Campaign Poster

We asked her, what made her decide to run for Senate?

The desire to do things differently for the people fueled my decision to run for this office actually. For decades now I’ve mixed with the common people, transacted with them, laughed with them and suffered at the hands of sweet-mouthed politicians with them.

Woman Of The People

Those who don’t fulfill promises. I understand my people and their plights. It came as a challenge thus, to have one of us, the common everyday person, represent the true interests of residents of the Federal Capital Territory. That’s me.

Were you an honourable before this leap?

No. Not at all. I decided to run for senate because I know I can do more and

Are you married and if so, what does your husband think of your aspirations?

Of course I’m married, with lovely children if I may add.

My husband has a laissez-faire personality and believes everyone should explore their potentials to the fullest.


He supports me in all my endeavors and he fully approves of my political aspiration.

What do you bring to the table?.

I’m bringing experience, I’m bringing a true understanding of the masses and their needs, I’m bringing a comprehension of how things work effectively.
I’m bringing a fresh perspective; a woman’s view. I’m bringing 25 years of experience working in the corporate world and over a decade more of being a retired business woman.I’m bringing accountability and synergy for Abuja residents and indigenes.These are but a few of the things I’m bringing to the table. 

One gets to feel the passion of this woman. She is not another static, she is a woman on a mission. A mission to bring equality back to, not only women, but every Nigerian.

I’m a domestic violence advocate,http://www.purplebuddies.org do you think enough is being done in Nigeria regarding domestic violence and spousal abuse?


The issue of domestic violence is one I find troubling. The problem is, there is a socio-cultural factor to consider, that cripples most efforts towards addressing the menace that is domestic violence.
Truth be told, not nearly enough is being done. Many women and men sometimes, bear domestic violence because they believe they have no other option, they don’t see how the Government or security agencies can help them.
However, our society to a large extent, contributes to this. Our culture teaches us that a woman should be submissive to her husband and accept whatever happens in her marriage as her cross to bear even if it means sporting a purple eye every other day.
For men, they have to always put on the macho attitude because “men are meant to lack emotion”, so you never can tell when they are suffering verbal or emotional abuse. They’d rather bottle it all in. So asides from the inefficiency of government in addressing this issue, there’s also the problem of our very own way of living, contributing a great deal to its continued existence.

When you are elected, what will you be remembered for, that is,what difference will you make?

APrayerful Politician And Wife.
The Party Logo

I will be remembered as an opinionated Lawmaker (in the positive sense). A senator who was passionate about ensuring her people get what they have been deprived of; Accountability, a better standard of living and Inclusiveness.

Do u think the senators salary is justified?

I would consider the senators salary to be justified when legislators give effective value, and adequate representations of their people in terms of Services, to their earnings. However, if all our Legislators do is fight and steal maces, it makes you wonder if they deserve a penny from our nation’s treasury.

In a mans world, how do you cope?

Haven’t you seen the line, “the future is female”. And we all know, the future is now.

The Time For Women Is Now

I am a daring woman. I go for the things I want, regardless of which gender is running the world, lol.
More seriously though, I believe in myself, that is how I cope. It is a challenging world, that’s for sure, but with determination nothing is insurmountable

You are such an elegant woman and aptly named Yeye oge, what is your beauty regime?

Naturally Beatiful, Aptly Named ‘Yeye -Oge’



Hahaha. Where I come from, we don’t know what beauty regimens are all about. We simply drink water and the beauty radiates from within.
I mostly just try to stay happy and Positive in my day-to-day activities. It helps me remain this cheerful and bubbly person that I am.

At the end of the day, I owe it all to God.

Finally, what would you say to other women with similar ambitions?

I want to encourage women out there to be confident enough to engage in public administration. And to replicate in governance what they do better at the family front as natural administrators.
Women are made for more, it is high time we stop underestimating ourselves and prove to both men and other women by affirming that our capabilities are only limited by our minds.



This fantastic, funny woman is set to light the world of politics on fire, and Africaneye.co.uk and Africanoberserver and the whole of the United Kindom, wish her the greatest amount of Gods hand. Shes

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