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United Kingdom of Odua Denounce Copycat Fraction

The United Kingdom of Odua have renounced a copycat fraction that have called themselves the Voice of Odua. The new group, which has been described as  “treacherous and unethical” have tried to remove authorised members of United Kingdom of Odua including  “Iyalodes, Yeye Oges among others which originally belong to the United Yoruba Kingdom, Oodua Foundation, under the patriotic leadership of the first Chief Imam Yoruba of Ilorin, Yorubaland, Sheilk Abdulraheem Aduanigba.

Voice of Oodua has committed a blunder and/or treachery even betrayal of trust by including or sharing the pictures, numbers and names of our members or chiefs without our approval or the knowledge of their husbands/guardians . This is tantamount to a social crime; it is therefore unethical in Yoruba ‘omoluabi‘ culture and must be discouraged or sanctioned.

In a notice issued on behalf of the Founder, it was noted that all Chieftancy titles such as Yeye Oge, Iyalode among others, are a brainchild of the United Yoruba Kingdom, Oodua Foundation to promote the uniqueness of Yoruba culture in and to, the world.

FOUNDER UKOY, Chief Iman Yoruba.

A request has been given to all genuine members or chiefs with certificates and letters of appointment under the United Yoruba Kingdom, Oodua Foundation to quit the ‘fake’ group, Voice of Oodua, otherwise the Foundation will not be responsible for any challenges, problems or  encounters faced in the group.

United Kingdom of Odua will not have anything to do with  such persons and no one will intervene and after this warning no complaints or grudges  will  be entertained by the leadership of United Yoruba Kingdom, Oodua Foundation.

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