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Special. Excellent. Youthful. Idealist. (SEYI) Makinde Wins Oyo Gubernatorial.

Seyi Makinde spoke to our sister magazine last year (Africanobserver.co.uk) and  from the moment he walked into the room, we knew he was the face, and voice, of New Nigeria. A young eloquent Engineer, that has fought very hard to get to where he is. He vowed, despite losing out in 2015  to get onto that seat and as of yesterday, announced officially by INEC, he made it.

If I had placed a bet on him, I would probably be quids in for despite the popularity and finance of his competitor, Seyi was sure of his success.

Govenor Seyi Makinde(52)

Fortunately it can be traced that Makinde did his national service vu3u,with  Shell Petroleum  where he was later engaged as a pupil engineer. He served in different capacities; handling and partaking in several key projects between 1990 and 1992.

From 1992 to 1997, he worked as a field Engineer for Rebold International Limited and in 1995, he was appointed as Field Manager in the same company.

Engineer Makinde is a staunch family man and a philanthropist. A silent and public giver.

Oyo’s first family 2019

Despite all the carnage and killings, petitions and allegations, Governor Elect came out smiling and refuted claims of his PA being killed.

These are rumours spread to discredit Engineer Makinde.

The Govenor elect has promised to make amends and keep (put back) the capital of Oyo state, Ibadan, the giant of the South, the great giant it is. Despite all the problems of financial mismanagement of past governors, Engineer Makinde has promised to clean up, shake up and set things right.

We can’t wait to meet up with Seyi again. He was such a joy to talk to. This time however I’m not sure it will be over a beer!

Congratulations from all of us.

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